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Tips for Halibut Fishing


Going for halibut fishing is almost every anglers dream since it is a very enjoyable sport and due to their large weight size, pose quite a challenge to anglers.  These fish mostly dwell in the bottom of the ocean and they are very large hence an angler should have the right strategies and equipment as well in order to catch them.  Halibut fishing requires one to scout their location first and foremost in order to catch them.  Getting equipment that will help map out their location will really come in handy as they prefer dwelling in the bottom of the sea.  At the bottom of the sea, one is bound to find obstructions such as valleys, rocks, and depression as which might make it hard for one to catch them.  Sonars and other electric equipment are very efficient as they help to outline all the depths and contours of the sea helping one to identify ideal fishing spots.


Like any other fishing, Halibut fishing in Ketchikan requires one to have bait in order to catch fish.  In order to attract the halibut, one should use live bait such as live squids, mackerel guts and heads as well as octopuses.  When luring the fish, artificial bait such as plastic sardine or anchovy can really help.  One way to easily lure the fish is by scenting the fishing line and bait as well.  Fishing lines that are weak or of poor quality can be easily broken by these fish hence one should use a strong one.


Going for halibut fishing ketchikanalaska as a group of friends would be very enjoyable.  The company will be pleasant and also the more the baits put in water the higher the chances of actually catching halibut.  Once you have your bait, you should drop it near the bottom of the ocean where halibut spend most of their time.  One can gradually raise the bait once the halibut bites the bait to attract it higher and higher.  Once it takes the bait, one can start reeling in the fish and if it breaks free, you can try the process over again.


It is important for one to weaken the halibut before bringing it in due to its strength.  One is thus assured that they won't get injured as it tries to resist.  In order to wound the fish, one can simply use a harpoon or gaff.  Some anglers prefer using guns to injure it though they are illegal in most countries since they are dangerous.


A halibut that is wounded will bleed to death thus providing the angler with meat for later.  Putting the fish in ice as soon as it dies is very advisable for all anglers in order to preserve it.